Completely KIDS ensures that our families have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty. It’s our mission to educate and empower kids and families to create a safe, healthy, successful and connected community. In supporting this mission, we assist more than 2,000 children and families each year in overcoming barriers, as a result of poverty, to their success.

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A Checkmate! of Success

Checkmate: chess

Checkmate! It’s the ultimate ending to a battle on the chess board. And to be honest, probably something that doesn’t happen all too often for the kids at Liberty and Gomez. But before Lynn Gray can see if a child really has accomplished the feat, the board is usually wiped clean, and the child ready to take on another opponent.

Gray has spent 13 years teaching youth in the Completely KIDS program how to play chess. He’s worked with kids at Highland Elementary, Gomez Elementary, Liberty Elementary and at the Guadalupe Social Hall where Completely KIDS formerly held program. READ MORE

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CK Norris studied the stars during a Family Night. You can at home with your kids. Sky map: ow.ly/yrXQI #Space #SavvyParenting

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Touring the Strategic Air and Space Museum #Space #FieldTrips #PhotoFriday ow.ly/i/61IE3

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