Completely KIDS staff members attend BOOST Conference in California

July 8, 2022
Completely KIDS at the BOOST Conference

At Completely KIDS, we value continuous learning for our staff and organization as a whole. One of the ways we implemented this value this year was attending the 2022 Best-Out-Of-School Time (BOOST) Conference. In April, 11 of our program coordinators traveled to Palm Springs, California to attend this annual conference. Our coordinators attended 18 different workshops to expand their knowledge of after school programs and rejuvenate their passion to inspire change in the lives of others.

Our staff left the BOOST conference with new ideas to improve our program and provide resources and support for diverse groups of students. “People came from across the United States, and we were able to mingle and gain insight into other programs,” said one of our Program Coordinators.

Additionally, attending this conference helped us learn more about our own organization. “It was interesting to see how much we compare to other programs. Having conversations about our program with others gave me so much joy” said another Program Coordinator “I received so much praise for how much we do for our students and families.”

“Walking around the booths looking at new providers, activities, and new things to incorporate into Completely KIDS, I realized how advanced our program is.”

We also gained insight on some programs that we can incorporate into our staff training within the upcoming years. The BOOST conference was an immersive experience that allowed our staff to learn how to improve our organization, and become more well-rounded individuals.

“At Completely KIDS, we promote continuous and lifelong learning within our organization. Learning is so important to our organization’s culture, and attending the BOOST conference was the perfect way for our staff to get an immersive experience. This would not have been possible without our funders, and we are so thankful that their donations allowed our staff to have this opportunity,”
Carla Rizzo, CEO of Completely KIDS.