How Your ‘Give Your Heart’ Donations Support General Operating Costs and the Little Hearts Completely KIDS Serves

February 1, 2021
Give Your Heart

The fact you are reading this blog means you have at least a bit of interest in our “Give Your Heart to Completely KIDS: Give Because We Need You” online fundraising campaign. Maybe you are wondering whether you should donate to the campaign. Perhaps you are interested in learning why the campaign is important to Completely KIDS. Or possibly you would like to know the impact of your donation.

This campaign is an appeal to help Completely KIDS raise $40,000 toward our general operating budget. Do not let the words “general operating” scare you away. A general operating gift allows Completely KIDS to put the money toward the area that best advances its mission. It enables Completely KIDS to respond to the greatest areas of need within the agency or amongst the children and families it serves.

“I give my heart to Completely KIDS by volunteering my time and sharing my treasures,” said Kacey Lempka, Completely KIDS board member. “We need YOU to give your heart so children can eat, learn and THRIVE in a safe place. Our world is counting on them.”

According to an article by The Chicago Community Trust, general operating donations “keep nonprofits healthy, stable and effective; enable nonprofits to innovate; and strengthen relationships between nonprofits and the donors who believe in them.”

As you think about this time of year, Completely KIDS hopes you will find it in your heart to support our mission and vision by partnering with us to help families break the cycle of poverty.

We need your heart to fulfill many little hearts! We are asking you to donate today to help us continue serving our young minds with diverse clubs, field trips, nutrition education and more.