Successful KIDS Aquaponics

Completely KIDS positions kids for success by providing hands-on learning opportunities to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom and to foster positive life skills.


    • Completely KIDS provides homework help.
    • Youth practice reading in Deb Kouba‚Äôs Reading Buddies Program and writing, math and science through activity centers and projects designed by a teacher to keep the youth actively engaged in learning.
    • Completely KIDS positively develops social-emotional skills through activities designed to build and reinforce perseverance, future orientation (hope), growth mindset, self-regulation and self-confidence.
    • Cultural awareness lessons provide youth with the opportunity to appreciate other cultures, understand differences and gain respect for others.
    • Hands-on experiences and field trips promote a future focus and growth mindset in youth.
    • By offering adult classes in topics such as ESL, literacy and GED, parents can gain skills that help their kids achieve success.
    • The Completely KIDS Teen Employment Program provides opportunities to former Completely KIDS youth to prepare them for successful careers and leadership in their community.

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