Your support of Completely KIDS makes a difference for our community.

KIDS and families like Ana’s rely on your generous gift.

We have been with Completely KIDS since the girls were in kindergarten and they are now in 6th and 7th grade. When I was a child, I used to go to Campfire. I remember being in 5th grade, not speaking English, and going on field trips, going swimming, and being exposed to things I hadn’t
been before.

Ana Torres and children.

Ana Torres and her children.

Knowing that Completely KIDS still provides those same experiences, I just love that they expose other KIDS and even my own children to those activities. They help children with mental health needs, acclimating children to the school ways in the United States, they provide educational activities after school, and they help with food. The weekend food snacks are very helpful, especially now with the economy and how everything is a lot more expensive, but not only do they provide snacks but things I can cook at home.

Completely KIDS has meant so much to my daughters. I feel like Completely KIDS is almost like family by the way they treat us. When we went through tragedy, Completely KIDS was there for us one hundred percent and it was a support that is hard to measure. Last summer, my significant other passed away unexpectedly. It was a huge loss for my family when he passed, and I was in shock. Completely KIDS stepped up and provided resources for my family. They provided grief therapy for my girls, and they checked up on us every day. They really saw us on our most vulnerable days. When December came, it was the first holiday without him and Completely KIDS sponsored us as a family for Christmas. They surprised us with wonderful gifts for me, for the girls and they even knew John had a dog and bought a doggy bed. It meant the world to me that they even thought about the dog. Completely KIDS made the holiday bearable.

To me Completely KIDS is more than just an after-school program, it’s a lot more than that. It’s more than supportive, it’s more than caring, it’s more than being empathetic. It’s family.

Completely KIDS has a rich history of serving children in the Greater Omaha area.

We recognized early on that to enrich the lives of children, we also need to provide services to strengthen the family around them. We were among the first to realize food insecurity for children in our area, with the striking fact that when kids are not in school, this insecurity is most dire. And, we recognized the need to provide mental health services to kids and their families to help them cope with the stresses in their lives.

In all, we serve more than 2,000 KIDS and their families through a depth of programs and services that focus on five key areas – those identified as necessary to round out the growth and development of children so that they may lead fulfilled and productive lives in our community.

Your time, talents and dollars support the important work we do for the KIDS and families in our community every day. We are grateful for all the contributions, grants and gifts we receive as well as volunteer contributions.

For more information on the work we do and how we put all contributions to work, call or email Chief Development Officer, Lacey Locklear.

Your Dollars in Action

Your gift of just $12 feeds a child for a weekend – often the only food available. Here are other ways to give:

  • Field Trips: Your $25 gift gives one child four experiences other wise not enjoyed .
  • Family Night Fun: $50 provides a hot meal for eight and fun activities that strengthen
    family relationships.
  • Service Learning Awareness: When you give $100, two children enjoy an eight-week service learning experience that enhances their awareness of community issues.
  • Language Literacy: 25 parents gain English language literacy with your gift of $250.
  • Nutrition and Cooking Classes: Help us expand knowledge of nutrition and how to cook healthy meals. Your $500 gift provides a six-week cooking class for 15 children.
  • Academic Support and Enrichment: Knowledge and the ability to learn propel children toward being responsible citizens. Your $1,000 gift provides 20 KIDS with academic support by trained professionals for a week.