Thanks to generous contributions and the extraordinary dedication of our staff, Completely KIDS makes a difference in our community.

The following provides the outcomes achieved through our programs. To learn more, schedule a visit and discuss how you might contribute, contact Chief Development Officer, Lacey Locklear.

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Youth Outcomes Survey: Completely KIDS in partnership with United Way and Collective for Youth conducts the Youth Outcomes survey in the fall and spring of each school year.  Students rate themselves, in the areas listed below:


Stephen Center, Salvation Army, and Catholic Charities Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program

Based on staff observation, Children who attend the program for more than 30 days are given a score when they start program and when the move out of the shelter.


Completely KIDS was the first nonprofit in the area to offer weekend food. With contributions from donors and the help of community volunteers, we purchase and pack more than 855 bags of food per week which are distributed through our after-school programs and all summer long to sustain children’s hunger over the weekend. In addition to growing food insecurity, we have children in 15 locations to whom we provide food, so the need remains great.

Completely KIDS conducts the Behavioral and Emotional Screening System as a pre and post-test with the children that participate in our psychoeducational groups.


2016 – 2021

75 Teens Served

  • 50 went on to college
  • 26 worked/work as Program Support Staff (some of these were/are also in college)
  • 14 are currently working as Junior Support Staff


23 Teens Served

  • 91% improved social emotional and future orientation skills (as measured by pre and posttests)
  • 100% demonstrated employability growth (as measured by monthly performance reviews)

Music Lessons

String Sprouts

  • 8 children and 7 parents participated in 2021
  • A partnership with Omaha Conservatory of Music

Forever Music

  • 7 children in weekly individual violin lessons with high school volunteers who are overseen by an Omaha Symphony musician

Saturday Mornings

  • Guitar – 15 participants
  • Ukulele – 11 participants
  • Beginner Piano – 35
  • Piano – 25

 Dental, vision, mammogram, and vaccination services provided.

  • Mobile mammography – Methodist Hospital
    • 45 women were screened in 2021
  • Dental Mobile – One World
    • 31 students were served in 2021
  • Vision Mobile – Children’s
    • 40 children were screened in 2021
  • Vaccines Clinics
    • 22 people obtained a COVID vaccine

Homework Diner Attendees

  • Concerned mother, Maria, called to sign up her family to Homework Diner as her 7th grader was falling behind in grades and had missing assignments that she was unable to retrieve through the system in the school’s tablet. We told her we can try and help her out, as one of our contracted teachers works with OPS and can support her with navigating the tablet and contacting the student’s school teacher. By the end of the night, mom felt relieved and was thankful that we were able to help her. She will be bringing her daughter to homework diner every week and is determined to have her improve her grades.
  • High school student and former teen program participant increased his cumulative GPA from a 3.0 to 3.8 since last semester. He is thankful for the tutors at homework diner that have helped him understand his geometry homework. He is a weekly participant at homework diner and plans to continue attending in order to graduate with an above 4.0 GPA.

Student Quote

“I like reading books with the volunteer! I love the food, especially the cookies!”
– Yaritzel, 6

Parent Quote

“I like Homework Diner because the kids get help with homework and they feed us dinner. At the same time, we do it as a family. The volunteers and teachers are very helpful”
– Sandra G.

Teacher Quote

“I like that parents are involved. They get the opportunity to learn how to do their kids’ homework with them and they get peace of mind know their student finished their homework.”
– Elizabeth L., 6th grade teacher

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