Working Toward Mental Wellness for our KIDS and Families

Lack of access to mental health services is widespread in the Omaha community, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, we offer a wide variety of mental health services for our KIDS and their families,  including preventative strategies and traditional therapy.

Did you know…

One in every 20 Americans is living with a serious mental health condition. Half of all lifetime mental health illnesses begin by age 14 and 75% by age 24. (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Completely KIDS is here to help

Completely KIDS has made a commitment to improving the mental wellness of our families by hiring a staff of five therapists, three of whom are Latino. This is vital because 70 percent of our KIDS are Latino. For our KIDS, being in a familiar environment and talking with someone who shares their culture instantly breaks down the barriers to trust that are often present.

Completely KIDS Mental Health Services provide individual care for our KIDS and families. Parents and siblings needing support are encouraged to work with our therapists, who already have a connection with our KIDS. Our end goal is to help provide a better, happier future for all our Completely KIDS families.

calming room

Calming Room

The only one of its kind, this room is optional and available daily for the 70 KIDS who call CK26 home every afternoon.

“The calming room is NOT a consequence; KIDS self-identify that they need to chill or support staff suggest they might like to spend some time in our calming setting. It is completely optional and when visiting, KIDS learn that it’s OK to feel feelings and how to best manage them.”

Lulu Rangel, Clinical Director

Group Sessions

To reach a wider range of KIDS in our program and get ahead of mental health issues, our experts have started groups that dissolve stress through skill-building and critical-thinking based education.

Two of the newer groups are Hip-hop & Reggaeton and Boys will be Human.

Hip-hop & Reggaeton
One of our therapists, Miguel Estevez, created this fun and cool group. Hip-hop and Reggaeton focuses on identifying how KIDS interact with music and allows students to discuss music content and think critically about the lyrics.

Boys will be Human
Soon to be offered at our Norris Middle School site and inspired by the book written by Justin Baldoni, Boys will be Human will work on helping boys redefine and break down masculinity while empowering them to be their true selves.

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